Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I woke up this morning and like most mornings flicked through my social media, read my favourite blogger and fell in a heap. Why? Do you ask. I live on a tropical island, the birds are chirping and it is nice and sunny outside, so why do I feel like this.

Well it has something to do with my body image. I haven’t been to the gym in months, my fridge is my new best friend, my thunder thighs are clapping together, my back-fat is flapping and oh…that tummy over-hang, what to do with that? Pictures of trim, taut, terrific bodies flickered on my social media page…the #Fitgirl is busting the bulge, #IzabelG is yoga-ing herself to a size 0 and my favourite blogger paraded photos of herself in her active wear. She had just completed a cross-fit session without a bead of sweat. I, myself, am not so graceful when I have been to the gym…I mean, it’s like a rain cloud has emptied itself underneath me, but these gorgeous elks just gracefully step in and out of the gym without a hair out-of-place. So I sat down with my morning tea and became saddened at my lack of motivation, physical activity but most of all beauty.

That was until, I flicked through some old photos and found a ‘selfie ‘(edited of course to get rid of the wrinkles and flaws), but hey, who are you to judge. Anyway, the point is, I found something about me that I loved…my face. I have found that no matter how many pounds I gain, my face, my smile, my eyes have remained the same. My

face radiates that same confidence now as it did twenty years ago. They say that one’s eyes is a reflection into one’s soul, and true beauty can be found in a pure heart and a pure soul.

So, I picked myself up from my emotional heap, posted that photograph of myself as my Facebook profile picture and made the decision to continue to focus on the things that are beautiful about myself rather than the things I dislike. I am sure there are times we are all like this, when we struggle with our body image, but if we can find one, just one thing of our bodies that we like, and love that part of our body then we are feeding our heart and soul and showing other women in our lives, that we don’t need to be picture perfect to be beautiful, we are already beautiful in our own perfect way.


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